Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eye Candy

In my spare time I like to go on etsy and play with the "pounce" feature. It allows you to either look at items that have just sold, or stores that have yet to sell an item. I've discovered so many favorites on etsy that way.

My find for today: Gorgeous contemporary handmade ceramics by Princedesign.

Lovely nature inspired (my fave!) and beautifully textured. I have always loved handmade ceramics. It's so amazing to me that it's hand made, shaped and formed out of a lump of clay. Amazing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sexy Mousepads?

I'm a sucker for nature inspired goodies. Our house is full leaf motif's, and I love me some green and browns.

This weekend I made me a proud new owner of a sexy mousepad.

It's made of linen, and oh SO fabulous. The best part is it's so affordable at $12!

You see what I mean? It is sexy isn't it? You can go get yours lickity split at Shim and Sons.

They are a small company based out in Portland and each of their items are made lovingly by hand.

They also have lovely matching pushpins!

Pretty in Paint

Take a look at these pretty hand painted shoes Art Nest painted for her little girl.

She also makes these lovely pin cushion rings! Wonderful to look at and useful too.

Just adorable. I love the characters she draws on her blog as well.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Some eyecandy for Monday.

Crystal and Stone Rings from Stone and Honey. Looks good enough to eat no?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going Green- Plantable Tags

Being a bit of an eco junkie myself, I'm always captivated by new ways to recycle.

Greenpost has some gorgeous recycleable gift tags. These tags are actually infused with seeds inside them, so instead of throwing them away after using them, you can plant them in your garden and watch them sprout!

Ingenious, and I love the texture!